Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas with the Van Zee's

 We had a fun time celebrating Christams with Elden's side! We also have the tradition of staying overnight together as well! The boys got way to many presents like usual but got some meaningful ones! Mitchell got his first Bible from Nancy and Connor got some new books from Angie. Connie made each of them a blanket with their favorite sports teams! How nice that was of her! Of course I couldn't get that picture to download for some reason! This year we also welcome Jim in our family as well! Looking forward to Jim and Nancy's wedding in May!

Christmas with the Olsons

 We had Christmas with the Olsons this year on Christmas day! We had plenty of food and snacks to munch on throughout the day! It was a relaxing and enjoyable day spent playing games and making new memories! This year was an exciting year with the engagement of my mom and Al. Welcome look forward to many more Christmas's with him!

Making Christmas cookies!

Every year we enjoy getting ready for Christmas with making some Christmas cookies/candy. This year was one of my favorite afternoon activity! It was perfect, it was the monday before Christmas, snow was lightly falling, the Chrsitmas music was playing and the tree was glowing and we were home baking with my two favorite people. My favorite time of year! Love those boys more every day!